Thursday, 11 October 2012


 As you can see, I do use fountain pens.... This one is a Parker Calligraphy pen (medium nib)
I write to my penfriends using fountain pens and last finished a letter today using one (it is now on route to France).
Yes, although it could be neater. If I use a Biro  it often isn't as neat. A fountain pen nib can seem rather delicate so I tend to write more carefully.
I look forward to receiving letters from penfriends and am able to recognise the sender, most of the time.

The reason for these questions is because of Philip Hensher. His book, The Missing Ink was published today and an extract appeared last weekend, in a newspaper and online by The Observer. Also, he appeared on Start of the Week with Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4 earlier this week. The programme should be available to listen to online for at least a year at Start The Week, 8th October 2012.
The programme mentioned postcards.... They hadn't heard of Postcrossing!

The answer to last month's post about most important technology ever invented.... 25th was Writing, but... first was....
The Bra ??? Tools. Electricity. Wheel. Controlled Fire. Computer Games ??? AC Electricity...


  1. You already know the answers to most of these questions, but here goes anyway -

    I own several fountain pens!

    I last wrote with a pen on paper about 12 hours ago.

    I'm never absolutely happy with my handwriting (always think it could be neater), but I'm never absolutely unhappy with it either. My writing changes depending on the implement I'm using.

    I recognize the handwriting of everyone who writes to me. I even recognize the writing on most of the Christmas cards we receive!!

    BTW, yes, the bra was a great invention, but I'm not sure it was the most important. And is it really "technology"?

    1. I would have thought invention or discovery would have been better words to use in the question. Electricity came 3rd... What if AC Electricity was not listed (came 7th)....? Many options overlapped (although I can't remember them all). Also, young children may have also answered (the bra was possibly not their number 1)